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About Us


 Twin ceramist, born in Colombia living in the states with a purpose to reconnect to our ancestral roots through the work. Since we first studied clay and sculpting techniques, we noticed our connection with not only this sacred material but also the human figure. We began to see a correlation between the work of our ancestors and ours. Intuition and guidance from those who came before began to appear in our visions.

These handmade pieces symbolize our offering to Pachamama (mother earth) for healing, abundance, and protection. Inspired by the work of our indigenous ancestors from the Americas who depicted the human condition through faces and humanistic figures. During our recent travels to Ecuador, Peru, Colombia we gathered different materials such as seeds from the Peruvian Amazon, sacred stones from the land, and knowledge of traditional techniques.

Material plays a big role in the concept of returning to the root and remembrance of the ancient ones. Utilizing all the earth elements such as Terra-Cotta clay (earth), water during the process of sculpting, and fire when goes through the kiln. 

Photo by Yogi Taji : http://www.souldreamin.com/